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IBS 1000 Slicer

The IBS 1000 Bacon Slicer is based on proven technology to suit small to medium sized bacon producers who are looking to improve slice quality while increasing throughputs and yields.

The IBS 1000 provides ready to pack stacked and shingled groups in addition to continuous shingles for bulk applications. A bulk shingle with pack definition format is available to group slices into visibly divided packs.

These pack formats require less handling when packing, reducing labour requirements and increasing pack rates.


  • Fast reload of <6 seconds
  • Throughputs up to 2t/hour
  • High blade speed up to 1500 rpm
  • Minimum butt ends (80-100g typical)
  • Yield improvement in excess of 2% vs. traditional flatbed slicers
  • Compact footprint
  • Optional Predictive Upgrade for improved on-weights in retail slicing
  • Optional Underleaver to suit food service formats

Predictive Profile

predictive profile

The Predictive module uses typical changes along the length of the primal, such as the cross-sectional area, to generate a predicted “Profile” that is expressed as a percentage of the nominal slice thickness and used to make adjustments to the slice thickness while slicing.

To account for size variations a pre-slicer weighcell is used to “scale” the profile according to the weight of the primal.


  • 90% first time on-weights typical
  • Reduction of end of line giveaway
  • Enhanced on-weight performance for stacked and shingled retail pack formats reduces rework

IBS 1000 Bacon Slicing Lines

Thurne supplies fully integrated slicing systems for the production of all common retail and food service bacon packs.

As part of The Middleby Group, Thurne can cover all steps of the bacon packing process, from pressing of bellies to slicing and packing into thermoformed packs - with optimum performance.

Example: Retail Bacon Slicing & Packing Line

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  • First time on-weight performance with Predictive technology reduces rework
  • Ergonomic, single tier make weight stations
  • Side shift reject instead of vertical divert eliminates nip points
  • Single source supplier for complete production line
  • Compact 8.4m line length

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