PolySlicer 3000

The Thurne PolySlicer 3000 is extremely flexible and adaptable for a very wide range of slicing applications, from cooked meats to natural cured products and cheese. This slicer can be supplied with an optional advanced vision and laser system that follows contours so closely at the cutting face that virtually any variation in product composition – however irregular – is detected. With the vision system, holes in cheese, voids in ham, areas of fat and even lean/fat ratios are carefully and accurately measured at the blade, slice by slice. This means high on weights, extremely low giveaway, consistent accuracy, high output and excellent product presentation.

Features & Benefits

  • High on weights with low giveaway
  • High speed slicing with up to 1500 rev/min
  • Excellent product presentation with minimal manual intervention
  • Choice of orbital or involute blade for optimum slicing for a specific product
  • Continuous or gripper feed options
  • Optional automatic completion of part packs at slicer reload transition
  • Easily removed product contact parts for fast and thorough cleaning
  • Standard automatic log loader ensures minimal reload time

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