IBS2000 Bacon Slicer

The compact Thurne IBS2000 Select Bacon Slicer achieves high productivity with economy in pork belly or turkey bacon slicing – offering big performance from a small footprint. The machine produces all common retail and food service packs, from shingles and stacks to layout drafts and platters.

Thurne’s IBS 2000 Bacon Slicer provides maximum product control, producing well presented, consistent slices day in and day out, without thick-thin finning or slivers, while providing great first time on-weight performance and low giveaway for drafts of fixed weight and slice count.

Draft Formats

Features & Benefits

  • High throughputs of more than 70 retail packs/minute or more than 120 food service sheets/minute, subject to slice count
  • Minimum 2.4% yield improvement over old-style mechanical slicers
  • Consistent draft-to-draft slice count
  • Accurate feed system delivers consistent slice thickness and quality without thick-thins or wedges
  • THURNE® patented and proven cut face vision system maximizes on weight percentages with minimum giveaway, reducing rework
  • Continuous feed
  • Ergonomic operator access
  • Low maintenance components
  • Fast and easy sanitation, thanks to easily removed product contact parts
  • Wide range of bacon slicing and packing systems for retail and food service available. View systems here